Right in the Kisser!

LOS ANGELES - NOV 23: Kylie Jenner at the 2014 American Music Awards - Arrivals at the Nokia Theater on November 23, 2014 in Los Angeles, CAEvery generation seems to have its own beauty craze. In the Renaissance era, thin was most decidedly NOT in, as illustrated by the most celebrated works of art from that time. Zaftig figures were considered the height of beauty, a sharp contrast from today’s obsession with slender physiques.

These days, it seems that everyone wants impossibly pouty lips and they’ll go to extreme lengths to get them. Full lips can signify youth and vitality, since lips naturally become thinner with age. Injectable fillers and even silicone implants in the lips have become more and more common, especially for those who can afford these cosmetic treatments.

Indeed, the term “richface” has been coined to refer to someone whose artificially pouty lips betray their affluence.  Writes Sabrina Maddeaux in The Globe and Mail, “… according to dermatologists, young patients aren’t looking for subtle results; they want the ‘work’ to be noticeable. That’s because the puffed and plumped ‘richface’ aesthetic is the new Louis Vuitton handbag in certain circles – an instant, recognizable marker of wealth and status.”

Reality TV personality Kylie Jenner was a cute but unremarkable-looking girl a few short years ago. Apparently tired of living in the shadow of her more famous sisters, Jenner changed her look dramatically, most noticeably through the use of lip fillers. Suddenly she was on magazine covers and landing pages everywhere, with her new puffy pout front and center.

The great thing about elective surgery and advanced cosmetics is just that: it is elective. If having fuller lips makes you feel more confident, go for it! Whether you choose injectables or more permanent options, just be sure to vet your provider carefully and make sure the work is being performed by a reputable, certified physician who specializes in these procedures.

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