Skin Care Series from your 40’s through your 80’s and Beyond

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Now is the time to enjoy your looks, feel good about your appearance; and above all, stay active. Subtle changes are what it’s all about!

Here’s more advice from our experts:

Use a rich moisturizer and sunscreen every day whether you are wearing makeup or not.

You don’t want to wear a heavy makeup that accentuates the wrinkles, so we suggest mixing Smart Cover’s  Perfect Touch Camouflage Crème with your own foundation so that you get the coverage that age spots may require, but still look very natural. Perfect Touch is a favorite of Actress Gena Rowlands.

Use a cream or powder blush that easily blends into your cheeks in soft mauve or rose.

Try a matte lipstick in the rose family and stay away from dark brown shades.

Keep your eye makeup simple; define your eyebrows as needed. Apply a heather colored pencil and smudge out the edges.

Above all, less is better than more when you get to be at a certain age.



Skin Care Series from your 40’s through your 80’s and Beyond


healthy senior woman with exercise towel and waterThe 60’s can be your decade of looking and feeling good about yourself. You’ve seen some of the changes in your skin and hair in your 50’s; and they do continue. Some you can help soften and some just become part of you. And it’s OK. After all, good living and experience does count!

Here are a few tips from the experts:

Continue with your moisturizing regimen and your creamy foundation.

Now, even a cream blush will last longer and not seep into the wrinkles. Smart Cover’s Two-in-One Glow Stick doubles as a cream blush and gives a hint of color on your cheeks and lips.

Use concealers every day to hide the dark eye circles that make you look tired all the time.

A concealer such as Smart Cover’s Perfect Touch Camouflage Crème helps hide the age spots, dark eye circles and all the fine lines that can show more with your thinning skin.

Lip liner is a lifesaver for lips, and helps soften the aging lip lines. At this point, you may notice that your lips seem to recede and need plumping with Smart Cover’s Lip Plumper Stick.

Hair color should be lighter not darker or full of highlights. We always say why go gray when you don’t have to or want to.

For some women who feel it’s time for some extra help with their wrinkles and aging skin, consult with a dermatologist or another board certified doctor who has experience with cosmetic procedures. There are many non-surgical choices such as injectables and laser treatments. Many injectables on the market offer different benefits. Botox, Dysport and Xeomin relax the muscles around the forehead and eyes. Fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm and Sculptra can sculpt the cheeks, furrows and other facials areas. There are also different types of laser treatments that re-stimulate the collagen in your skin and can also help with the age spots, rosacea and fine lines. And, Smart Cover will help cover the redness or bruising that you can get while healing from these procedures.

Stay tuned for skin care in your 70’s, 80’s and Beyond because it does matter!

Skin Care Series – From your 40’s to your 80’s and Beyond

women in her 50's photoTAKING CARE OF YOUR SKIN IN YOUR 50’S

As long as women take advantage of all the new body and skin care products that are available to them today, they can look better than ever and redefine middle age. It’s never too late to have a better diet and more exercise. No doubt, women in their 50’s begin to notice crows feet around their eyes, grey hairs in their eyebrows, dryer skin and yes, age spots begin to appear.

Here’s some advice from the experts:

Use a highly emollient moisturizer which will help keep your skin looking fresher and reduce the appearance of the fine lines.

Choose a creamy foundation so that your make-up doesn’t collect in the creases. If you want to hide your imperfections as well, Smart
Cover’s Perfect Touch Camouflage Creme will do the trick. You can use it as an all-over foundation.

Lip Pencil is now a must since lips lose their shape and seem to shrink. By outlining your lips, you can soften the lip lines then apply your lipstick. Smart Cover also has an Anti-Feathering Stick that you rub on the lip area before you apply your lipstick to avoid that “bleeding” look.

Blush – use either a creme or powder blush to give your face a bit of color to make you younger. Try to stay with the rose or peach tones; they are more natural.

Eyeliner is also very important to give your eyes more definition and make them look larger.

Brows can become sparse and begin to fade. So use a “brush-on” brow color (it’s much more natural than a thin pencil line) and select a shade close to the color of your hair.

Speaking of hair, its appearance is key to a youthful look. Invest in a great haircut and find a colorist who understands your needs and will cover the gray or give you highlights if that’s what you want.

Stay tuned for our next blog on skin care in your 60’s. At this point you may want to learn more about fillers and non-surgical options. We will give you lots of choices that are recommended by Dermatologists.

Skin Care Series – From your 40’s to your 80’s and Beyond


We’ve had many emails from our customers of all ages asking us about how to take care of their skin relative to their age. Every decade brings changes to your skin and how you should care for it.

Let’s begin with how to care for your skin in your forties.

We know that the forties can be the hectic decade; balancing work, family and your home. Time is precious to you and there’s always stress associated with trying to do it all! Well, just be sure you make time for yourself and a simplified beauty regime.

Here’s some advice from the experts:

Choose a moisturizer for your skin type and wear it morning and night.
Sunscreen every day – you don’t want to have any additional sun damage which can cause premature aging.

Eye Cream every night. You can also try it during the day under your concealer so it will go on smoothly.

Use concealers to hide the dark eye circles and the tired eyes look.

Use a foundation with more coverage like Smart Cover to even out your skin tone and hide blotches that begin forming in your 40’s.

Brush on your blush or bronzer with an upward motion, since skin tends to sag as you approach your 50’s.

Mascara and Eye Liner become necessary in your 40’s to give your eyes more definition.

Find the right hair color to lighten up your face, cover your gray or add a few highlights for added sophistication. Invest in a good hair cut that’s appropriate for your 40’s lifestyle.

Stay tuned for our next blog on skin care in your 50’s. And that is a crucial time to really care about your maturing skin.

How to Apply Finishing Powder

Makeup Tutorials  –  How to use Smart Cover’s Compact Finishing Powder

Watch professional Makeup Artist Andrea Guttadauro demonstrate how quick and easy it is to apply Smart Cover’s Compact Finishing Powder is perfect for touch-ups on the face and body. It’s long lasting and a make-up artist favorite because it’s colorless and has a no-shine finish. Works well to give a natural finish to our Perfect Touch Camouflage Cremes. It comes in one sheer shade of nude that works for most skin tones. And it’s not cakey!



How to Use A Bronzer


Makeup Tutorials  –  How to use Smart Cover’s Believable Bronzer

Smart Cover’s Believable Bronzer lets you achieve a natural looking instant tan without the harmful Rays of the sun. It was formulated so that you can build the coverage as you desire for a sun kissed, healthy glow complexion. The Bronzer can be used to contour your cheeks for more definition or even apply it as an eye shadow. You can also apply with a brush on your neckline, shoulders or legs to get just the right amount of color. The formula is not cakey and will not turn your skin orange.

Smart Cover Stick to the Rescue


Makeup Tutorials  –  How to use the Smart Cover Stick

Watch professional Makeup Artist Andrea Guttadauro demonstrate how quick and easy it is to apply the Smart Cover Stick. Formulated to give highly pigmented, targeted coverage the Cover Stick conceals many facial imperfections including dark eye circles, acne, bruising, and scarring. It comes in one neutral shade and can be worn under make-up or alone. This type of concealer comes in a lipstick case and it’s shaped so you can use it to get into harder to reach areas in the corner of your eyes or around your nose for redness. The Cover Stick’s creamy base produces a flawless, silky finish. It brightens your face and helps with those tired looking eyes.

How to Apply Concealers

Makeup Tutorials – Smart Covers’ Perfect Touch Camouflage Creme

Watch professional Makeup Artist Andrea Guttadaro demonstrate how quick and easy it is to apply Smart Cover’s Perfect Touch Camouflage Creme. This pigmented formula that comes in a round pot was designed to blend easily and evenly while giving full, natural looking coverage to facial imperfections. This concealer (a baby boomer favorite) doesn’t seep into any wrinkles or fine lines. Women with mature skin like to wear this as an all-over light-weight foundation. Andrea gives beauty tips for dark circles and shows how to hide acne, pigmentation blotches, age spots, scarring and many more skin imperfections. It is recommended by Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons for post laser or surgical redness or bruising that come from injectibles (such as Botox, Juvederm and Radiesse). The Perfect Touch Camouflage Creme comes in four shades to match most skin tones.




How To Apply Camouflage Make-Up

Makeup Tutorials – Smart Cover’s Concealing Creme

Watch Makeup Artist Andrea Guttadaro demonstrate how quick and easy it is to apply Smart Cover’s Concealing Creme. It’s a one-step process that goes on creamy and dries to a matte finish without any setting powder. The camouflage makeup hides skin flaws on the face and body from acne blemishes, dark eye circles, melasma, stretch marks, scars, bruises, broken capillaries, furrows, sun spots, age spots to spider and varicose veins. The formula is designed to give serious coverage while still looking natural on the skin. It’s also a waterproof foundation so you can sweat or even swim while wearing it and the water rolls right off the skin. The concealing cremes have been dermatologist tested, allergy tested, and are fragrance free. It is also non-comedogenic so it won’t clog pores. The camouflage makeup’s highly pigmented formula helps people who have Vitiligo and want to cover their hypo-pigmentation with a long lasting coverage. The Concealing Creme, which comes in a tube also helps hide the redness for those who suffer from Rosacea, those who were born with port wine stain birthmarks or those who have skin discoloration from the effects of Lupus. Tattoos also go undercover with this heavy duty concealer. It lasts until you take it off.



What is Lupus?

“Since wearing Smart Cover, my confidence has since then been restored and I can go out without the worries of being judged because of my unattractive red blotches.”

According to The National Institutes of Health, Lupus is when something goes wrong with your immune system and it attacks healthy cells and tissues. This can damage many parts of the body such as joints, skin, kidneys, heart, lungs, blood vessels and the brain. There are many kinds of lupus, the most common type being systemic lupus erythematosus, which affects many parts of the body that are mentioned above.

This chronic disease can have common symptoms including joint and muscle pain, fatigue, fever with no known cause, skin rashes, swollen glands, chest pain, unusual hair loss, and sensitivity to sunlight.

Anyone can get lupus, but it most often affects women. Lupus is also more common in women of African American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American descent. The onset of lupus occurs most often in people 20-40 years old but can happen at any age. Women outnumber male patients ten to one. Research suggests that genes play an important role, but genes alone do not determine who gets lupus. Many who suffer from lupus are keen to know when any warning signs of flare-ups occur. There are many specialists who can treat the flares-ups when they to reduce organ damage and damage to joints.

It is also important to find ways to cope with the stress of having lupus. Exercising and finding ways to relax may making coping easier. Many people with lupus have found support groups to be very useful. Besides providing support, taking part in a support group can make you feel better about yourself and help you to keep a good outlook. Smart Cover Cosmetics has worked with the Lupus Alliance of LIQ (Long Island, Queens, New York.)  They have been helping those afflicted with Lupus and their families since 1955. If you want to find a support group near you, Lupus. org will help you find one.

Smart Cover’s concealing cremes help women cover lupus related skin rashes (butterfly rash), discoloration or scarring that can occur from the flare-ups. It also has the ingredient titanium dioxide to give you extra protection while you are out in the sun. (We always recommend you use sunscreen first.)