3 Easy New Year’s Resolutions from Smart Cover

It’s almost 2019! If you’re trying to think of some easy New Year’s Resolutions, Smart Cover has some great suggestions!

Are you spending New Year’s Eve on the couch, watching the ball drop from the warmth and safety of your own living room? Or are you partying your way into 2019, noisemaker in one hand, glass of bubbly in the other? Either way, life is handing you a fresh start and Smart Cover is here to help you take full advantage of it.

3 Easy New Year’s Resolutions from Smart Cover

  1. EXERCISE. Instead of vowing to run five miles every morning, start off with a more modest goal. For example, promise yourself you’ll exercise 30 minutes a day two times a week.
  2. HAVE FUN. Having fun is a very important part of self-care! For 2019, resolve to give yourself the gift of fun! Make a playlist you can sing along to on your drive to work or rediscover a beloved childhood activity like roller-skating. Share the fun by showing up at your best friend’s house with a bottle of wine and an old photo album. Joy is as nourishing to the soul as food and sleep are to your body!
  3. UPDATE YOUR LOOK. This winter’s trends include bold red lips if you’re into the classics,  or a dash of glitter if you’re feeling especially festive. Refresh your look with Smart Cover’s Hollywood Makeup Artist Kit. With 17 separate pieces, including concealers, primer, bronzer and more, you’ll face 2019 looking more beautiful than ever.

Think of 2019 as the “year of you.” So much of your life is spent caring for others, and that’s a wonderful thing. But you deserve to be at the top of your own to-do list and there’s no better time than now, with these 3 easy new year’s resolutions. Happy New Year from Smart Cover!



Smart Cover Remembers Penny Marshall

We lost a Hollywood legend and a pioneer in the film industry when Penny Marshall died this past week. Most of the world remembers Penny Marshall as one half of the iconic sitcom duo Laverne & Shirley, with Marshall playing Laverne DeFazio, of course. Alongside costar Cindy Williams playing Shirley Feeney, Marshall won America over with her sassy attitude and signature monogrammed sweaters.

Smart Cover Remembers Penny Marshall

Garry Marshall, Penny’s older brother, co-created The Odd Couple, a television series adapted from the play. He cast her as Myrna Turner and she quickly became a fan favorite. However, the real magic happened on the Garry Marshall series Happy Days, where Penny Marshall was paired with Cindy Williams. They played Fonzie and Richie’s blind dates, Laverne and Shirley, in an episode so hilarious that they eventually got their own eponymous spinoff.

The younger generation, born well after Laverne & Shirley went off the air, likely remembers Penny Marshall as an accomplished film director. In an industry dominated by men even to this day, Marshall was an anomaly. She directed hugely successful films, including Big, The Preacher’s Wife and A League of Their Own. The latter was a beautiful paean to a unique moment in history when women had an opportunity to show what kind of magic they were capable of making, even in the hardest circumstances. The message of the film is itself a wonderful metaphor for Penny Marshall’s career.

Marshall’s Laverne DeFazio was the ultimate best friend and girl next door, like many of our most loyal Smart Cover customers. The next time you put on Smart Cover Camouflage Crème or apply the Two-in-One Glowstick to your lips and cheeks before heading out for a misadventure with your bestie, give a little shout-out to Laverne… and maybe throw on a monogrammed sweater!

Different Is Beautiful

Port Wine Birthmark
Port Wine Birthmark with Smart Cover Concealing Creme

The popular website Cafemom.com recently featured an unnamed contributor who wrote a beautiful article about living with a physical difference.


“I was born with a port-wine stain birthmark that covers half my face, which travels all the way to my brain (causing another condition called Sturge-Weber syndrome) and caused my facial features to be asymmetrical.”

She goes on to offer a few words of wisdom to other people who might have a noticeable physical difference like herself. The author advises them to remember that they have a voice, and they “can change the world.” Not everyone has the same experience of living with a physical difference. Some have a hard time with it; some are ambivalent; some absolutely love the traits that set them apart. After all, different is beautiful!

For those who have occasional moments of struggle, the writer reminds them that their condition doesn’t define them and they are not alone. For instance, one in ten newborns are born with some kind of vascular birthmark, of which one type is the port-wine birthmark like this writer.  She also emphasizes that decisions about one’s health and appearance are up to them. You know best what’s right for you.

Different Is Beautiful

Smart Cover Cosmetics is proud to be a pioneer of camouflage cosmetics. Our Concealing Crème hides port-wine birthmarks and other skin issues that ordinary makeup can’t cover. As our brand ambassador and model Serena Leroy can tell you, sometimes opting not to cover your birthmark is the most empowering choice you can make.

If you have a birthmark or any other physical trait that makes you feel different, the gifted writer from the Cafemom website has a few sage words for you: “If you’re a girl, remember, you are beautiful and stunning. If you’re a guy? You are handsome with tons of swag.”

Fun Holiday Gift Ideas!

Another year has positively flown by and we’ve got holiday gift ideas for you! You can’t turn on the TV without seeing a commercial for expensive jewelry or extravagant gadgets that play music and clean your house for you. While it’s wonderful to be able to buy your loved ones costly gifts, it’s also great to round things out with fun presents that won’t set back your retirement plan!

Fun Holiday Gift Ideas from Smart Cover

Smart Cover has fabulous gift ideas for all budgets! Looking for stocking stuffers for the stylish teenager in your life? Smart Cover’s Two-in-One Glow Stick is the go-to beauty tool to add a little color and shine to the lips and cheeks. It takes seconds to apply and she can toss it in her schoolbag, or her back pocket!

With all the parties, shopping and decorating that goes on this time of year, everyone could use a little help looking fresh and well-rested. The Smart Cover Stick is ideal for hiding dark under-eye circles and blemishes that may crop up from too many holiday sweets! It rolls on just like lipstick, and it’s just as compact, so you can fit it in your tiniest purse!

The Hollywood Makeup Artist Kit is the perfect present for beauty experts and novices alike. It comes with 17 separate pieces, including Smart Cover’s signature products, like the Concealing Crème and Camouflage Crème, Believable Bronzer, Compact Finishing Powder, Smart Cover Stick, Two-in-One Glow Stick, and more! With a retail value of about $300, this kit is an absolute steal at just $84.95. Santa himself couldn’t find a better deal!

Holiday time can bring stress along with the fun and excitement. The American Psychological Association cautions against setting up unrealistic expectations for yourself. Remember, “presence” is more important than “presents!” Instead of being overwhelmed this holiday season, we hope you’ll be overjoyed!

Is There A Secret to Shrinking Pores?

Supermodels always seem to have perfectly smooth, creamy skin, thanks to a combination of genetics, makeup artistry and the magic of photo editing. Meanwhile, the rest of us sit at home with our magnifying mirrors and all we see are enormous pores! But is there really a secret to shrinking pores?

The experts say, yes and no. The size of your pores is mainly determined by your genetics, according to Helen Sanders of healthambition.com. “Darker skin tones generally have larger pores than lighter ones and those with dry skin tend to have the smallest pores of all as they don’t produce much oil.” But there’s plenty you can do to improve the appearance of your pores.

The Secret to Shrinking Pores

Pores can become enlarged when they get clogged with dirt, grease and leftover makeup, so wash your face with a gentle cleanser every night before bed. Smart Cover’s Makeup Remover and Cleanser will take off all your makeup and leave your face clean and fresh without over-drying your skin.

Sam Escobar of goodhousekeeping.com warns never to skip your sunscreen. UV radiation breaks down the elastin and collagen in your skin, which will make your pores expand. It’s also important to moisturize daily and keep hydrated.

For more advanced measures, talk to your dermatologist. She may recommend that you try retinol, which increases cell turnover in your skin. Laser treatments are also very effective, but at around $300 a session, this is not a cheap option.

The right makeup can create the illusion of invisible pores without a doctor’s appointment. Use Smart Cover Moisture Primer Lotion before your foundation. It’ll create a smooth surface for your makeup and help it to stay put longer. Smart Cover Camouflage Crème will hide skin concerns, including large pores, and give you the flawless, creamy complexion you’ve always wanted!

Considering A Nose Job?

Thinking about getting a nose job? As with any medical procedure, you want to arm yourself with as much information as possible. According to marketwatch.com, about 225,000 Americans every year decide to undergo rhinoplasty, more commonly referred to as a nose job. While that number has plummeted 43% in the last decade, nose jobs are still an undeniably popular cosmetic procedure.

Are your expectations realistic?

If you think a nose job is going to transform your love life, launch your modeling career or make you love yourself more, then you’re probably going to be disappointed. A successful nose job is only going to improve the appearance of your nose; it’s not going to unlock a magic spell.

Even when it comes to the actual aesthetic results of the surgery, it’s important to manage your expectations. As Dr. Elliot Heller reminded the folks at Realself.com, “there is no such thing as the perfect nose.” You can remove a bump, make your nose less crooked or a little smaller, but that doesn’t mean you’ll end up with perfection. And that’s okay!

Another thing to keep in mind before signing up for cosmetic surgery is that… IT’S SURGERY!  The recovery time is usually about one to two weeks, though the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery advises you to avoid overly strenuous activity for at least three weeks, pending clearance from your doctor. There will be swelling and bruising, the latter of which can be covered with Smart Cover Concealing Crème.

If you’re not quite ready for surgery but you want to improve the appearance of your nose, remember that there’s a lot you can do with simple makeup techniques, like contouring with Believable Bronzer. Before you make any drastic decisions, consult with a board-certified surgeon. And for other cosmetic questions, consult your friends at Smart Cover!

The Lips Don’t Lie

To paraphrase Shakira, the lips don’t lie. Is it your right to fudge the truth when it comes to age? Absolutely! Just keep in mind that if you choose to tell a little white lie about when you were born, you better make sure your lips are on the same page because they’ll give you away every time!

The lips don’t lie

Age really is just a meaningless number, as long as your anti-aging regimen is on point. Use Smart Cover’s Vitamin Beauty Stick every night around your eyes, and around your mouth. The antioxidants will nourish your skin as you sleep, giving you a smoother and more youthful appearance.

As Harper’s Bazaar writer Jenna Rosenstein notes, “volume loss and lines around the mouth [are] some of the earliest signs of aging.” It’s also very important to make sure your lips are properly moisturized, as peeling and cracking do not make a for a pretty kisser.

Try this nifty trick for keeping your lips exfoliated. When you brush your teeth, gently pass the bristles back and forth along your lips. That will sweep away the dead skin cells. Rinse with warm water. Then apply Smart Cover’s Tea Tree Oil Softening Stick to help heal and lubricate your lips.

Smokers are often warned that in addition to the obvious dangers, this habit can cause lines around the mouth. But even if you don’t smoke, “unconsciously pursing your lips can also lead to wrinkles,” writes Alexandra Duron of Prevention.com.

You’ll draw unwanted attention to those lines if you don’t prime your lips with Smart Cover’s Anti-Feathering Stick. This will minimize creasing and keep your lipstick from “bleeding” out of the edges of your lip lines, which can age you immediately. Apply the Anti-Feathering Stick before your lipstick and don’t be afraid to go for a bold, bright color!

Pretty Feet for Snuggling Season

Everyone races to get a pedicure at the first sign of warm weather. It makes sense; your feet are going to be in sandals, on display for the world to see. Now that you’ve made the transition from peep-toes to ankle boots, you might not be giving it too much thought, but don’t you want pretty feet for snuggling season?

What’s snuggling season, you ask? As the weather outside grows ever more frightful, you and your beloved will want to stay inside and cuddle. Sure, you may wear slippers or socks a lot of the time, but your significant other is bound to encounter your bare feet sooner or later, and you don’t want them to mistake you for a Yeti.

Pretty Feet for Snuggling Season

More importantly, you want to feel good from head to toe, whether you’re coupled up or happily flying solo. Keeping your feet healthy is an important part of self-care that doesn’t end when it gets cold outside. As the podiatrists at Manhattan Foot Care warn, “If you wear winter boots, especially for long periods at a time, your toenails are exposed to major factors involved in fungal nail infection development: moisture, from sweating inside the thick insulation, and total darkness.”

According to the experts, keeping your feet as clean and dry as possible is the key to keeping toenail fungus away. They advise acrylic socks instead of cotton, and they even recommend applying antiperspirant to your feet if they tend to get especially sweaty. Keep your heels smooth by using a pumice stone in the shower and be sure to moisturize. If you have any bruises or other skin concerns on your legs or feet, remember that Smart Cover Concealing Crème can hide them. Winter can feel like it lasts forever, so don’t deprive yourself of the chance to feel sexy and confident, right down to your toes!

Nothing Could Be Finer Than to Wear Smart Cover Primer!

Nothing could be finer than to wear Smart Cover primer in the morning, afternoon or evening! Even seasoned makeup lovers have questions about primer. Is it really necessary? We’re here to clear up any confusion. Smart Cover Moisture Primer Lotion should definitely be part of your beauty routine, especially as the weather gets colder. But lots of people still don’t understand what primer actually does, so we’re happy to offer a refresher.

Primer creates a smooth surface for makeup to “stick to,” so it stays on longer and looks better. If you apply Smart Cover Moisture Primer Lotion before your foundation, you’ll notice that your skin looks smoother and more flawless, especially if you have mature or textured skin. Moisture primer lotion also helps prevent creasing. This is of particular import in the winter, when your skin tends to get overly dry from the cold temperatures outside and the heating systems indoors.

Nothing Could Be Finer Than to Wear Smart Cover Primer

If you’re prone to breakouts, Moisture Primer Lotion has the added benefit of acting as a shield for your skin. It’s essentially a barrier between your face and anything that could potentially clog your pores. One question we get all the time is this: is Moisture Primer Lotion the same as moisturizer? The answer is no. Feel free to use your favorite moisturizer alongside the Moisture Primer Lotion, because they serve different purposes.

There are a lot of cosmetic products out there, and it’s hard to know which ones you really need. But trust us, Moisture Primer Lotion is worth your while! That’s why we include it in all of our makeup kits! Before you apply Smart Cover Camouflage Crème or Concealing Crème, be sure to put on some Moisture Primer Lotion. It takes seconds and your concealer will stay put all day!

“Sugar face” is not so sweet!

It may sound like a term of endearment, but “sugar face” is not so sweet! If you’ve stocked up in anticipation of candy-hungry trick-or-treaters, you may be tempted to dip into your own supply. If you’ve got trick-or-treaters of your own in the household, it might be hard to resist raiding their stash when they come home loaded down with sugary treats. But repeat after us, nice and loud: “Sugar face” is not so sweet!

Beauty writer Kathleen Hau advises that giving up sugar can make your skin look noticeably better in a just a matter of weeks. That’s because “sugar face” refers to the dark undereye circles, acne and other unfortunate effects of a sugary diet. “[Sugar] triggers insulin production, which triggers protein-utilization malfunctions. Sugar acts as a kind of signal scrambler, affecting the production of the proteins and amino acids that build up collagen and elasticity.”

“Sugar Face” Is Not So Sweet!

Too much sugar causes wrinkles, sagging skin, breakouts and can even cause facial hair growth due to insulin resistance, according to totaldermatology.com. It causes your insulin levels to spike, which can create inflammation throughout your body. It can also cause other skin issues like rosacea, and pores that become enlarged and excessively oily due to overproduction of testosterone.

Dermatologists advise that you drink plenty of water and eat lots of leafy green veggies to make it up to your skin. While fruits in moderation are fine, go for blueberries and kiwi rather than grapes and cantaloupe.

Though your dermatologist would probably love it if you never ate another jellybean, your face will probably survive the occasional indulgence. And if one too many jellybeans should result in a blemish, you can always hide it in seconds with the Smart Cover Stick and Smart Cover Camouflage Crème! How sweet it is!