How to Get Through Allergy Season

Young woman with tissue - sneezing. Allergy or cold.

Allergy sufferers often have the toughest time in the early autumn. The most common irritants to the allergy-prone are ragweed and mold, which linger as long as the temperatures remain somewhat warm. According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, allergic rhinitis (commonly called “hay fever”) is caused by the immune system’s “overreacting” to something in the environment.

Common symptoms include sneezing, watery eyes, nasal congestion, fatigue, and an itchy sensation in the eyes, nose, mouth and skin. Though most of these symptoms abate as the weather turns cold, the short-term effect can be exhausting on the body. If you are susceptible to hay fever, you also know how it can affect your appearance.

Constantly rubbing your itchy, watery eyes can contribute to dark eye circles, to say nothing of the lack of sleep that often accompanies severe allergies. Sneezing and blowing your nose incessantly often results in dry, red skin around your nose. Many people successfully treat allergy symptoms with over-the-counter medications. Some people prefer homeopathic remedies, such as flushing out the nasal passages with warm salt water by using a Neti Pot. For some people, prescription medications are the only source of relief.

Whatever method you choose, be sure to use a gentle moisturizer on your face to combat the detrimental effects of allergies on your skin. Try a hydrating mask to give your skin a little extra love, and avoid products with fragrance, which may only make your symptoms worse.

Board certified allergist Ellen Sher M.D. recommends allergy-tested cosmetics like Smart Cover’s Perfect Touch Camouflage Crème, Concealing Crème and Smart Cover Stick to “cover the allergic shiners under the eyes and redness on the nose from all the sniffling and rubbing.”

There are only a few more weeks until the first real frost chases allergens away, so hang in there. Smart Cover’s got you!

Take Your Look from Day to Night

depositphotos_73029583_l-2015If you’re like most of us, your work schedule doesn’t magically ease up just because you have a special event planned. Whether it’s an anniversary, a professional mixer or a friend’s birthday bash, many of these occasions overlap with your very busy career. More than likely, you’ll have to shoot straight from work to your celebration dinner or cocktail party.

Luckily, it’s easy to go from “Work You” to “Glam You” when you have the right tools.

Start with the right foundation. Smart Cover’s Concealing Crème works as an all-over foundation on the face, as well as a great concealer for skin imperfections on the body. Best of all, it’s waterproof and stays on until you take it off, so you can apply it in the morning and still be good to go by the end of your work day.

If you want a foundation with a lighter touch and a dewier finish, try Smart Cover’s Perfect Touch Camouflage Crème. If you’re prone to dark eye circles, try the Smart Cover Stick before applying foundation. It’ll hide circles under the eyes, as well as blemishes, and other facial flaws.

Play up the eyes. A dramatic cat eye or heavy eye shadow may not work for your 9AM board meeting, but dramatic eyes are the perfect way to go from work mode to play mode. Try lining the eyes with a gel eyeliner or brushing on some dark shadow for the sexy, smoky eye. Don’t forget your mascara!

It’s all about those lips. A dark lipstick in this fall’s trendy deep berry shades is a great way to change up your look from day to night in mere seconds! To ensure that your lips are smooth and kissable, try Smart Cover’s Lip Pumice Stick and Tea Tree Oil Softening Stick before applying your darker lip shade.

Finally, use Smart Cover’s Compact Finishing Powder to set your sexy new look, and go have a fabulous night!

The Debate of the Year!

Young woman think with yes or no choice looking up isolated on white background

No, we don’t mean THAT debate. We’re talking about cosmetic policy, not foreign policy! So what’s yours?

Some people swear by sponges and brushes when it comes to applying their concealing makeup, while others prefer their own good old-fashioned fingertips. There are no wrong answers; there are pros and cons for all of the choices.

If you use your fingertips to apply Smart Cover’s Concealing Crème, you benefit from your natural body warmth, which helps the makeup go on even more smoothly. Your own fingers are also just about the most low-maintenance and cost-effective beauty tools you could ever want. Just be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before and after any makeup application. Fingers can carry bacteria and dirt that you don’t want anywhere near your face.

Brushes may not be what you think of first when it comes to applying a concealer, but they definitely have their place. Smart Cover’s Camouflage Brush, for example, is designed to fit into hard-to-reach places like the inside corners of your eyes. These small but shadowy areas can make you look older and more drawn if you don’t correctly apply your concealer to those dark corners. The Camouflage Brush is also great for getting precise, even coverage of dark eye circles.

Sponges offer more control than your bare fingertips, allowing you to create a more sheer and lightweight effect. Some makeup artists even recommend dampening the sponge first, to give a more natural-looking glow, especially if you’re using the Concealing Crème as an all-over foundation on your face. Just be sure to moisturize and prime your face before using the sponge, or it may “catch and lift dry skin,” warns beauty writer Louise Griew.

All Smart Cover kits come with a camouflage brush and two sponges, so feel free to experiment with all three methods to find what works best for you. (Sorry, you’ll have to furnish the fingertips yourself.)

Bruises and Other Effects of Bullying

Actress Tara Reid has taken on the emotionally charged subject of bullying in her most recent project.

Worthless, the film Reid is currently filming in New Jersey, is about a girl who wishes for popularity and acceptance but is instead ridiculed and ostracized because of a prominent scar on her face.

Reid has made headlines in the last few days for posting photos of herself online in which she appeared to be battered and bruised, causing her fans a great deal of alarm. She later clarified that the bruises were not real; she was in special makeup for the movie. If the intention of the film is to continue the very important conversation about bullying and abuse, then Reid’s tactics have proved effective.

According to the American Justice Department, 25% of young people will be bullied at some point during their adolescence. The trauma of these experiences can last for a lifetime, as illustrated to an extreme degree in Reid’s new movie.  While there are still an alarming number of instances in which bullies resort to physical violence, cyberbullying is on the rise as well.

If you are a young person in this situation, the best thing you can do is to tell a trusted adult. You may feel that your situation is unsolvable, but the adults in your life are equipped to help you, so don’t be afraid to reach out.  If you are a parent or teacher, it is crucial to check in regularly with your child or student and be on the lookout for signs of bullying, because as many as 58% of young people will never tell an adult that they’ve been a victim.

Smart Cover has been dedicated to helping people hide bruises, scars and other skin flaws for over 35 years with our Concealing Crème and other products. While camouflage cosmetics can go a long way toward improving your appearance and increasing your confidence, bullying is a serious issue and there is help available to those who need it. To learn more about this important topic, or to find out how you or someone you love can receive help, log onto

Easy Makeup Tricks to Look Younger

Beautiful brunette woman with lovely natural skin and grey eyes posing with naked shoulders isolated on white

There are many new and innovative ways to turn back the clock, ranging from fillers and laser treatments to surgical options. We are lucky to live in a time in which the advanced cosmetics industry offers us so many methods for looking youthful. However, if you’re just looking for a quick fix and aren’t quite ready to book a trip to the doctor’s office yet, Smart Cover has  compiled some fabulous makeup tips from today’s leading experts that will help you look younger instantly!

Curl your eyelashes!

Kristin Perotta of spoke to renowned makeup artist Chrisanne Davis, who offered this often-overlooked beauty step to make eyes look more wide open and fresh. Curling your eyelashes lends a youthful and vibrant appearance to your whole face. To enhance this effect add a little glimmery eyeshadow as a highlighter.

Don’t forget your primer!

Rick DiCecca tells what we at Smart Cover have known for years: the right primer “will keep products in place longer, lock in hydration and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.”

Fill in your brows!

Eyebrows can become sparser over time so filling in your eyebrows will immediately take a decade off your appearance! According to Daily Mail beauty editor Nadine Baggott, the trick is to use eyeshadow rather than an eyebrow pencil, for a softer, more natural effect.

Rosy lips and cheeks help you look young and fresh!

Use shades of mauve and pink to help define your lips and add a youthful rosiness without drawing attention to the fact that they’re thinning with age. Apply a subtle pink shade to your cheeks to further brighten up your appearance in a natural, fresh-looking way. Smart Cover’s Two-in-One Glow Stick will help you achieve this look!
Follow your instincts, play up your best features and remember you’re only as young as you feel, especially when you have Smart Cover in your makeup bag!

Prime Time for Primer!

Woman caring of her beautiful skin on the face standing near mirror in the bathroomIt can sometimes feel like there’s a new beauty product out every day, and yet another step to add to your regimen. It’s important to be able to separate what will really work for you from what may simply be a waste of time and money. On the other hand, if there’s a product out there that could help you look even better and save you money in the long run, surely you’d want to know about it!

Not everyone uses primer before applying foundation or concealer, but more people should. Dana Oliver of The Huffington Post consulted with makeup artist Stephen Dimmick, who explained that “primer prepares skin for … foundation, giving it something to hold onto so it lasts throughout the day.”

This is especially crucial during the hot summer months, when humidity and sweat can cause makeup to run, or during the winter, when cold temperatures can dry the skin, potentially giving your makeup a cracked, harsh appearance.

Correctly applying primer before your foundation will also reduce the appearance of pores and other imperfections. Your makeup application will last a lot longer if you use primer, and of course, not having to re-apply and re-apply means that you will end up spending less money to replenish your makeup supply, since you will go through it a lot more slowly.

According to The Dermatology Review, some people even decide to forgo foundation altogether and use primer to “smooth and balance the complexion” when they’re feeling a little low-maintenance but still want to look fresh.

Smart Cover’s Moisture Primer Lotion is an easy, inexpensive way to add primer to your beauty essentials. It can be purchased individually or in kits. Try it and let us know if you agree that it’s a must-have addition to your cosmetic routine!

Don’t Make These Makeup Mistakes!

woman putting make up on and it when a bit to far so she looks like its been one by a child. Please note this image has had a half colour and black and white with a sepia toning effect added.

We all know you should never go to sleep without taking your makeup off, you should wash out your makeup brushes regularly, and you should never try to match foundation for your face by testing it out on the back of your hand. But we found some useful tips that you may not know about from today’s top makeup artists, including Elaine Barnett.

Here’s what NOT to do when applying makeup!

DON’T wear too much face powder. According to Barnett, “Powder settles in fine lines, wrinkles, and pores, giving skin a haggard look. Apply powder just where you need it, down the T-zone of your face, and lightly on the cheeks. Or opt out of full coverage face powders all together and try a translucent setting powder (lightly, all over).

Translucent setting powders are just that: they don’t add any color or coverage, they simply matte the skin with a very refined powder that won’t cake.”

Smart Cover’s Compact Finishing Powder will help set your makeup without looking flat and unnatural. It has a no-shine finish and it’s great for touch-ups all day long.

DON’T use the same concealer to hide under-eye circles that you use to conceal other imperfections on your face. Barnett advises choosing a shade for under the eyes that is a notch or two lighter than your skin tone to “give the illusion of a brighter under eye and conceal those dark circles.”

Smart Cover’s Deluxe 10-Piece Starter Kit comes with three shades of our Concealing Crème, Color Corrector and Smart Cover Stick, as well as a Vitamin Beauty Stick, Moisture Primer Lotion, Camouflage Brush, Sponges and Travel Case.  Start with the Moisture Primer Lotion and then target stubborn dark eye circles with the Smart Cover Stick, or just use a lighter shade of the Concealing Crème under the eyes as recommended by the experts.

DON’T overdo it with the bronzer. Instead of covering your entire face with bronzer, try applying Smart Cover’s Believable Bronzer only to your cheeks, forehead and the bridge of your nose to achieve a more subtle and realistic sun-kissed look.

DON’T trace the entire outline of your lips with lip liner, unless you also fill in your lips with the liner as well. This will create a dramatic, long-lasting base for your lipstick. For every day, feel free to skip the liner altogether.

Now that you know what not to do, learn how to make the most of your favorite Smart Cover products with our how-to videos, featuring makeup artist Andrea Guttadauro. You’ll be a pro in no time!

Right in the Kisser!

LOS ANGELES - NOV 23: Kylie Jenner at the 2014 American Music Awards - Arrivals at the Nokia Theater on November 23, 2014 in Los Angeles, CAEvery generation seems to have its own beauty craze. In the Renaissance era, thin was most decidedly NOT in, as illustrated by the most celebrated works of art from that time. Zaftig figures were considered the height of beauty, a sharp contrast from today’s obsession with slender physiques.

These days, it seems that everyone wants impossibly pouty lips and they’ll go to extreme lengths to get them. Full lips can signify youth and vitality, since lips naturally become thinner with age. Injectable fillers and even silicone implants in the lips have become more and more common, especially for those who can afford these cosmetic treatments.

Indeed, the term “richface” has been coined to refer to someone whose artificially pouty lips betray their affluence.  Writes Sabrina Maddeaux in The Globe and Mail, “… according to dermatologists, young patients aren’t looking for subtle results; they want the ‘work’ to be noticeable. That’s because the puffed and plumped ‘richface’ aesthetic is the new Louis Vuitton handbag in certain circles – an instant, recognizable marker of wealth and status.”

Reality TV personality Kylie Jenner was a cute but unremarkable-looking girl a few short years ago. Apparently tired of living in the shadow of her more famous sisters, Jenner changed her look dramatically, most noticeably through the use of lip fillers. Suddenly she was on magazine covers and landing pages everywhere, with her new puffy pout front and center.

The great thing about elective surgery and advanced cosmetics is just that: it is elective. If having fuller lips makes you feel more confident, go for it! Whether you choose injectables or more permanent options, just be sure to vet your provider carefully and make sure the work is being performed by a reputable, certified physician who specializes in these procedures.

If you want a slightly more voluptuous pout without having to make a doctor’s appointment, try Smart Cover’s Anti-Aging Pick-Up Sticks Collection, which includes the Lip Plumper Stick to stimulate the blood vessels in your lips for a natural, more sensual look. Whatever your idea of “beautiful” is, Smart Cover will help you get there!

All About the Legs

Smaller Photo Legs“The legs are the last to go!”

Women over a certain age may choose to dress more modestly than they did in their twenties, but gravity does tend to be kinder to the legs than other areas.  Long after you’ve set aside crop tops and the like, you can still look as fabulous as ever in a cocktail dress and high heels. A great pair of legs never goes out of style.

As long as your doctor gives you the go-ahead, you can combine moderate cardiovascular exercise with some simple strength training moves to keep your legs looking fit and feeling great.

Prevention’s Fitness Editor, Jenna Bergen Southerland, provides easy to follow instructions for exercises that you can do right at home, including everyone’s favorite: SQUATS!

“Stand with your feet shoulder-width distance apart and your toes turned out slightly.

“Extend your arms forward and keep them parallel to the floor throughout the movement.

“Bend your knees and reach your hips back as if to fully sit down on the chair.

“Lower your hips until you feel the chair underneath you, but don’t fully sit.

“Touch the chair with your butt, then immediately press into your heels and stand back up to the starting position.

“That’s one repetition. Aim to complete 10 to 15 reps.”

For more exercises designed for women over 50, log onto

Now that your muscles are toned and you’re ready to rock those shorts and dresses, all you need is a little Smart Cover Concealing Crème to hide any veins and bruises your legs may have. It’s waterproof, so don’t be afraid to take a dip in the pool if you’re so inclined!

You are beautiful now and always, so put your best foot…er, leg forward!

We Love to Be Dewy, Don’t We?

Glamour portrait of beautiful woman model with fresh daily make-up and romantic wavy hairstyle. Fashion shiny highlighter on skin.One surefire way to look young and effortlessly beautiful is with dewy skin and barely-there makeup. Unless you’re one of the few genetically gifted individuals who actually roll out of bed looking perfect, this “natural” look can take some work. We’ve consulted some expert sources and distilled their advice to five simple tips.

HYDRATE – The best way to look like you have dewy skin… is to actually have dewy skin! And the only way to really accomplish that is to hydrate. You may think your two or three bottles of water a day, combined with your morning coffee and whatever you drink with dinner is enough, but we’ve learned otherwise! According to weight-loss guru Lori Boxer, eight ounces of water (not soda, not juice, but actual water) is the absolute minimum just to serve important functions such as keeping your body temperature regulated and protecting your joints and organs. Remember, your skin is your largest organ. Treat it right!

EXFOLIATE – Use a gentle scrub to slough off old dead skin cells and reveal a radiant new you.

HYDRATING MASK – As it turns out, moisturizing alone isn’t enough! To really capture the “supermodel who just stepped out of a rainforest” look, you need to use a hydrating mask every week. The experts at compare a weekly hydrating mask to your daily multivitamin: it’s “an intense, concentrated dose of all the medicines (antioxidants, vitamins, and acids) your skin needs in one sitting.”

MOISTURIZE. Then use Smart Cover’s Moisture Primer Lotion before applying makeup to smooth and prepare your skin  without leaving it feeling greasy.

HIGHLIGHT – Apply some of Smart Cover’s Believable Bronzer on your cheekbones and the tip of your nose to maximize the impact of your new glowing beauty.

It can be fun to glam it up with dramatic makeup, but simplicity has an allure of its very own. With a dewy complexion and a little Smart Cover, you’ll make looking gorgeous look easy.