Port Wine Stains & Other Vascular Birthmarks

May 15 Day Of Awareness - Vascular Birthmarks FoundationThe Vascular Birthmarks Foundation, now celebrating over 20 years of service, is dedicated to educating people about vascular birthmarks and providing support to those afflicted. Smart Cover Cosmetics has worked with the foundation for several years as their makeup expert helping women, men and children with their concealing needs.

Vascular birthmarks are broadly defined as congenital discolorations of the skin that are caused by clustered or malformed blood vessels. They include hemangiomas, venous malformations, lymphatic malformations, port wine stains, and other vascular anomalies.

The most commonly known type of vascular birthmark is the Port Wine Stain (PWS), also known as nevus flammeus. There is no known cause of PWS and no prevention method available. It is not hereditary and affects all racial groups pretty equally, occurring in approximately 1 in every 3,000 live births. It is thought to develop within the first few weeks of gestation.

There are many highly trained physicians who specialize in treating birthmarks with various laser procedures. Many of our customers with Port Wine Stain birthmarks can attest that because it so often presents on the face, living with PWS can be an ongoing source of stress and frustration. It is not merely a “cosmetic” issue. Unfortunately, the potential complications are not limited to the social and psychological realms, as the blood vessels can gradually become more dilated, creating the potential for more serious issues in the affected area.

Before & After Smart CoverOrdinary makeup has proven ineffective at camouflaging PWS, which is why Smart Cover has been so warmly received by members of the Vascular Birthmark community. Our Concealing Crème camouflages Port Wine Stains without feeling heavy or cakey on the face. The coverage stays put and looks beautiful and natural, with or without setting powder.

May 15th is National Vascular Birthmark Awareness Day. We at Smart Cover are committed to our role in helping to provide information and support, as well as our one-of-a-kind camouflage cosmetics. If you are living with a Vascular Birthmark and would like to know what resources are available to you, please visit the National Vascular Birthmarks website at