Considering A Nose Job?

Thinking about getting a nose job? As with any medical procedure, you want to arm yourself with as much information as possible. According to, about 225,000 Americans every year decide to undergo rhinoplasty, more commonly referred to as a nose job. While that number has plummeted 43% in the last decade, nose jobs are still an undeniably popular cosmetic procedure.

Are your expectations realistic?

If you think a nose job is going to transform your love life, launch your modeling career or make you love yourself more, then you’re probably going to be disappointed. A successful nose job is only going to improve the appearance of your nose; it’s not going to unlock a magic spell.

Even when it comes to the actual aesthetic results of the surgery, it’s important to manage your expectations. As Dr. Elliot Heller reminded the folks at, “there is no such thing as the perfect nose.” You can remove a bump, make your nose less crooked or a little smaller, but that doesn’t mean you’ll end up with perfection. And that’s okay!

Another thing to keep in mind before signing up for cosmetic surgery is that… IT’S SURGERY!  The recovery time is usually about one to two weeks, though the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery advises you to avoid overly strenuous activity for at least three weeks, pending clearance from your doctor. There will be swelling and bruising, the latter of which can be covered with Smart Cover Concealing Crème.

If you’re not quite ready for surgery but you want to improve the appearance of your nose, remember that there’s a lot you can do with simple makeup techniques, like contouring with Believable Bronzer. Before you make any drastic decisions, consult with a board-certified surgeon. And for other cosmetic questions, consult your friends at Smart Cover!

What Bronzer Is Really For

Contouring had a major moment in the beauty world, but now it seems to be considered passé by most beauty experts. A corrective cosmetic practice often used to make bone structure look more defined, or to create the illusion of a smaller nose, contouring was everywhere for a while. But just because that trend is in our rearview, doesn’t mean you don’t still need your Believable Bronzer. Celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo talked to’s beauty director Carly Cardellino about what bronzer is really for.

In a word, warmth. According to Vanngo, bronzer’s primary function is not to add color the way that blush does (though you can use it that way), but to give an element of vitality to the skin. Applying bronzer correctly will give you the look of healthy, vibrant skin.

What Bronzer is Really For

While brushing on faux razor-sharp cheekbones is no longer en vogue, bronzer is great for adding a touch of definition to your natural features. This is especially important for Vanngo’s celebrity clientele: “When [bronzer] is applied to the perimeter of the face, the dimension is able to come through and be visible through a camera’s flash.”

Smart Cover’s Believable Bronzer can be applied on the face and body, so feel free to add a touch of definition to your upper arms, collarbone, or even your legs! Vanngo advises using a big, soft brush to apply bronzer so that it will be distributed evenly and lightly. Smart Cover’s All Purpose Brush is the perfect tool for this.

There is an endless ebb and flow to beauty trends. What’s hot today will be relegated to the has-been pile tomorrow. While it’s fun to keep up with what’s trendy, ultimately you have to go with what feels right to you, and hopefully that includes Smart Cover!

The Bronze Goes to You!

If you want the beauty effects of the sun without the sun, the bronze goes to you!

We use blush to mimic the natural rosiness that results from cardiovascular activity, or the effect of the cold air on your cheeks in the winter. It can be a sweet but subtle way of adding the spark of youth to your appearance.

The Bronze Goes to You

While a rosy glow is never out of fashion, as summer approaches, a lot of women would rather look as if they’ve been kissed by the sun than by Jack Frost.A great way to achieve this (while avoiding the sun) is with Smart Cover’s Believable Bronzer! You can keep on protecting your skin  from the potential dangers of UV rays while looking like a sun-worshipping goddess.

Bronzer can also be used for contouring, if you want to create the illusion of higher, more defined cheekbones. It can minimize the appearance of a round face, too, if you want a slimmer look. Beauty writer Rajana Tony of offers some easy steps to get this effect:

“Suck in your cheeks and sweep into the hollow in an angled up and down motion from your temples. Blend the remaining product in an E-shaped motion at the sides of your face, darkening the forehead edge, the cheek hollow and the bottom of your chin.”

For even more guidance in how to apply bronzer, check out this video featuring one of Smart Cover’s favorite makeup artists. There are so many amazing beauty tools and cosmetic products on the market that it can sometimes be a little intimidating. The key is to start by asking yourself what you want to see when you look in the mirror. Once you have that image in your mind, we can help you get there. All you need is a vision… and a little Smart Cover!