More Mature Women Are Getting Tattoos

It may surprise you to learn that more mature women are getting tattoos these days than ever before! There are plenty of stereotypes associated with being a woman “of a certain age.” If you’re over 60 it’s assumed that you’re more interested in shopping for twinsets and sensible loafers than thinking about tattoos. Even women over 50 are not a group you generally associate with body art.

However, mature women are nothing if not full of surprises. As Mary Owen reports, “About 13 percent of Baby Boomers have tattoos, which is an approximately $1.65 million industry.” To be sure, tattoos have made their way from the fringes of society to the mainstream in the last twenty or thirty years.

Even so, body art is still primarily considered a province of the young, not so much for baby boomers. founder Margaret Manning begs to differ: “We are individuals who grew up in the 60’s where individualism and self-expression were a passion and way of life.”

More Mature Women Are Getting Tattoos

If you’re over 60 and you’ve always wanted a tattoo, go for it! As writer and body art enthusiast Jayme Kinsey points out, you’re old enough to know what you want and capable of making your own decisions. One of the pleasures of being mature is the freedom to pursue your version of happiness.

When you feel like covering up your tattoo, whether for a professional occasion or just to avoid questions from the grandkids, Smart Cover Concealing Crème will do the trick. It’s waterproof, so no one will see your tattoo even if you spend the day splashing around in the pool. This is your time to enjoy your life, and Smart Cover can help you enjoy it your way!

For All the June Brides

The beautiful woman posing in a wedding dress

Brides are to June as fireworks are to July. Both are beautiful, special, and if handled incorrectly, potentially dangerous! Bridezilla jokes aside, the reason for the prevailing stereotypes about “difficult” brides boils down to expectations.
Many women have a clear vision in their minds of how they want to look on their wedding day. Everyone knows a girl who lived on cheese sticks and popsicles for six months to fit into a dream dress. And you can’t have the perfect dress and NOT have perfect skin, can you?

For brides, bridesmaids, mothers-of-the-brides, and everyone else who is counting on having one perfect day this June, Smart Cover has just what you need. The Smart Cover Stick hides dark eye circles, blemishes and other imperfections on the face, and it’s the size of a lipstick so it will fit in even the tiniest purse or pocket for last minute touch-ups!

Better still, The Hollywood Makeup Artist Kit comes with 17 of Smart Cover’s most popular items, including the afore-mentioned Smart Cover Stick, and four different shades of the Concealing Crème. The Concealing Crème covers tattoos, veins or bruises on the face and body. It’s waterproof and will stay on from the beginning of the ceremony until the last piece of cake has disappeared at the reception.

As Kristen Finello wrote for, “A sane start to the day will go a long way toward helping you keep your cool once the action begins.” She advises picturing yourself on your honeymoon if you start to feel the stress of the big day.

Remember: you’re getting married because you’re in love! Enjoy your wedding day, but remember it’s just one day… and lucky you, you’re going to get to spend all the rest of your days with the love of your life. Congratulations!

Great Tattoo Debate

Tattoos Before & After Smart Cover Self-expression is a beautiful thing and tattoos can be too. But sometimes there are circumstances that make you wish you could hide that dolphin on your lower back or the encouraging words written in Sanskrit on the inside of your wrist. What looked fantastic on “College You” may not be quite what you’re going for when it comes to “Wedding Day You” or even “Corporate Professional You.”

Luckily, Smart Cover Cosmetics has a solution that, unlike some alternatives, is completely pain-free and very cost-effective!

Our Concealing Crème has been used for tattoo coverage by NFL cheerleaders who love their “tats” but have to adhere to league regulations of attire and appearance. For these ladies, the waterproof, sweat-proof and smudge-resistant Concealing Crème is the perfect way to hide their tattoos without worrying about the effects of humidity and perspiration, not to mention keeping their uniforms pristine.

For smaller surface areas, some of our customers like to go over the tattoo with our Smart Cover Stick first, because the concentrated pigment and easy application (it rolls on just like lipstick) does a great job of neutralizing the colors in a tattoo. For larger areas on the body, we recommend our Color Corrector first to neutralize the color of the tattoo, then apply the concealing Creme to ensure complete opaque coverage.

If you’re planning a day of fun in the sun and don’t want the world to see your tattoo peeking out from your bikini, don’t worry! Smart Cover’s Concealing Crème is formulated to last even if you decide to go for a dip in the pool. (For best results, apply the concealer and let it dry for five minutes.)

Permanent removal of your tattoos with laser surgery can still leave traces of the design on your skin, even after multiple (painful, expensive) sessions. This article from explains more about that process. Furthermore, just because you don’t want your tattoo to be the centerpiece of your wedding photos doesn’t mean you’re ready to say goodbye to it forever.

Smart Cover’s Concealing Crème lets you have it both ways!

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