Shades of You

Depositphotos_70564945_l-2015As beauty blogger Diana Crisan warns for, using the wrong shade of makeup for your skin “throws your whole look off!”

If you don’t know your Medium Beige from your Golden Tan, we have many ways to help you! First, determine whether you’re looking for a Concealing Crème (which dries to a matte finish and can be used on the face and body), or a Perfect Touch Camouflage Crème (formulated just for the face, dries to a creamy finish).

If you choose Concealing Crème, we highly recommend the Deluxe 10-Piece Starter Kit for first-time customers. Not only will you get three shades to choose from, but you also get our Color Corrector, which can be mixed with any shade to lighten it.
Makeup experts recommend swiping all three shades on your jawline and looking at them in natural sunlight to see which one comes closest to your own skin tone. This video, featuring makeup artist Andrea Guttadauro, can also guide you to the shade that will work best for you.
Some people find that mixing two shades, such as the Medium Beige and the Dark Beige, gets them the custom match they need. Smart Cover is dermatologist tested and works great with most skin types. It also offers a level of coverage you just can’t get from ordinary cosmetics. It feels wonderful to find just the right makeup to give you the look of beautiful, perfect skin. Smart Cover hides your flaws and lets you shine!