Look Fabulous for June Weddings with Smart Cover!

Even if you’re not a June bride yourself, there are probably a few weddings on your social calendar this season. You’ll want to look your most beautiful, whether you’re dancing up a storm at a wild reception or sitting through a long ceremony in a venue with no air-conditioning. Get ready to be gorgeous at all those June weddings with Smart Cover.

If you are a bride, Smart Cover’s signature concealers are the perfect way to cover what you want to cover and feel like the most amazing version of yourself. According to Stephanie Weers at, this year’s bridal makeup trends mirror much of what was on the runways for the spring and summer. For instance, brides are playing up “focus features,” highlighting their eyes or lips and keeping the rest of the face more muted in comparison.

June Weddings with Smart Cover

Another trend that has made its way from the catwalk to the wedding aisle is the bare-faced look. Cosmopolitan’s Victoria Jowett writes: “The key to pulling off no makeup makeup is nailing perfect-looking skin. Opt for a dewy-finish foundation then pin-point conceal any blemishes or discolouration.”

Smart Cover’s Perfect Touch Camouflage Crème hides fine lines, blemishes and other skin concerns on your face. Its creamy consistency will make your skin look naturally flawless, which is nice for brides, bridesmaids, and wedding guests alike!

If you have skin issues on your body—anything from veins to birthmarks or even tattoos that you don’t feel like showing—try Smart Cover Concealing Crème. It’s waterproof, so even if you perspire, you’ll still be covered. Apply SPF 15 or higher before your concealer, especially if you’re attending an outdoor event. Have fun and look amazing at all those June weddings with Smart Cover!