Smart Cover Celebrates Mothers!

Some moms know how to whip up a four-course meal and make it look easy. Others would rather order a pizza and spend the evening playing board games with the family. And then there are those special people who come into your life and treat you like their own when you most need it, even if you’re not technically related. There’s no one way to be a mom, so Smart Cover celebrates mothers of all kinds this Mother’s Day.

The definitions of motherhood range from the literal (the primary female parent who raised you), to the humorous. Blogger Annie Reneau jokingly writes that one aspect of being a mom is “[u]nderstanding why sleep deprivation is used as torture.”

Most parents can agree that your sleep habits take a hit when kids come along. For the sleep-deprived moms in your life, the Smart Cover Stick is the perfect way to cover dark eye circles and other skin imperfections on the face. It rolls on in seconds, which is crucial when your day is jam-packed with parenting activities.

Smart Cover Celebrates Mothers

Maybe you know one of those moms who always manages to look flawless no matter what the situation. Sure, she might just wake up looking that way but she probably has a little help. Smart Cover’s Deluxe 10 Piece Starter Kit has all the tools you need to look effortlessly beautiful, whether you’re handing out orange slices at a soccer game or enjoying a date night without the kids! It comes with our signature concealers, plus primer, color corrector and the Vitamin Beauty Stick.

Huffington Post contributor Jessica James describes motherhood as “a love that grows continually, a love that always wants more and better.” This Sunday, Smart Cover celebrates mothers by inviting you to celebrate yourself! Happy Mother’s Day!