Too Young for Makeup?

If you were a little girl once, you probably have memories of watching your mother put on makeup in the mirror. She was so beautiful and sophisticated, and you wanted to be just like her. Opinions vary on what age is too young for makeup, but the demographics seem to be skewing younger and younger.

As New York Times writer Douglas Quenqua reports: “From 2007 to 2009, the percentage of girls ages 8 to 12 who regularly use mascara and eyeliner nearly doubled — to 18 percent from 10 percent for mascara, and to 15 percent from 9 percent for eyeliner. The percentage of them using lipstick also rose, to 15 percent from 10 percent.”

Too Young for Makeup

While many parents feel that experimenting with cosmetics is a harmless way for a child to explore her personal style and play at being an adult, it is important to be mindful of the products you choose for your child. Even innocuous-seeming makeup sets, made especially for children, can be dangerous if they contain allergens or other potentially dangerous substances.

“You’d think there would be strict regulations surrounding play makeup—but there aren’t,” warns Deanna Pai of Recently, makeup lines geared toward children and young teens were pulled from the shelves at Claire’s and Justice, two popular franchises known for their tween-targeting merchandise. It was alleged that traces of asbestos had been found in the makeup.

The best way to keep your makeup-curious kids safe is to know what the ingredients are in the makeup they’re using. Smart Cover’s products are dermatologist-tested, and the ingredients are listed right on our website. Our Two-in-One Glow Stick is perfect for getting the feel of lip gloss and creamer blush with just a hint of color and shine. Everyone is different, but if your tween feels ready for makeup, Smart Cover could be a great place to start!